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This disclosure statement explains my relationship to the advertisers on my site and how I receive compensation. is an informational website which is provided as a service to my readers. I write all of the original content for this African Wedding Traditions site without compensation.

When you visit I hope you find browsing and reading here both a learning experience and a pleasure. I absolutely enjoy providing useful free information about African weddings and what makes them and us so unique.

How I Get Compensated As The Owner Of This Website

Sure, creating this website is fun for me, but I do get paid for all the work I put into it. So in the spirit of full disclosure, here are all the ways I get compensated for running this website.

You will see some ads and product banners posted in various places on my site. In some cases I may receive compensation from the following source(s):

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In addition to the affiliate products I promote, a limited number of merchants have chosen to sponsor this website. For a nominal monthly or annual fee, I do a detailed unbiased editorial about their business and in addition their business also receive site-wide exposure.

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Supporting my sponsors and advertisers will be greatly appreciated. A lot of them have personal stories which I tell along the way on the pages of this site.

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Though I have written and sell my own eBooks, occasionally if I come across one that I think will be beneficial to my site visitors, I will promote it as well.

These are books written by others and I will give an unbiased review of them as I do purchase and read them myself before making a recommendation.

Please read my personal reviews of the above books before purchasing them so you can make a well-informed buying decision.